HP School Pack 2.0

Designed for better learning with Windows exclusive.

HP School Pack 2.0 is an out-of-box solution of digital tools and content designed for collaborative, standards-aligned and personalised learning. HP School Pack 2.0 ships pre-installed in Windows 10 Education devices and can be also purchase separately for non education devices.

HP Classroom Manager
Harness technology and embrace flexibility to refine instructions.

HP Touchpoint Manager for Education
Efficiently manage student devices.

HP Adaptive Learning (created by Fishtree)
Differentiate instruction and personalise learning.

Curriculum Matrix
Transform student learning with expertly curated resources.

Single sign on HP school.

*Windows + Office + Skype + OneNote + Sprout in the Classroom

Effortlessly incorporate hands-on STEM learning.

HP Prime Graphing Calculator App
Flexible, anywhere access to a full-featured calculator in an app.

Corinth Classroom
Bring science lessons to life with interactive 3D visuals.

Introduce coding with engaging, user-friendly lessons.

The gold standard for ELL.